Languages of the conference

The language of the conference is English. There is a possibility of presenting a paper in Polish on sessions that will be conducted in Polish language: “Psychology of religion and spirituality in Poland – current research and theoretical perspectives”. This session is limited to 12 presentations (according to the date of submission; information on the number of presentations will be updated here on this website).

In order to present in Polish submit your abstract in Polish via the abstract submission form and in the field “Additional information” please write “Psychology of religion and spirituality in Poland”.

Poster propositions can be submitted in English or Polish, as there will be poster sessions in both languages. You can submit your poster proposal via the abstract submission form.


The 3rd International Conference Invitation

We cordially invite researchers, PhD candidates, and students to participate in the Third International Conference of the Polish Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, which will take place in Krakow on 20 – 22 June, 2016.

The conference will build a network for the third international symposium of psychologists of religion and spirituality in Poland. The two previous conferences held in Lublin (2014) and Gdańsk (2012), had researchers from various disciplines come together towards the common idea of studying psychological aspects of religious and spiritual life. We want the third conference of the society to share the same idea of incorporating an interdisciplinary approach, so we address our call for papers to representatives of various academic fields. We therefore invite not only psychologists and religious studies scholars, but also sociologists, cultural theorists, philologists, historians, pedagogists, philosophers and  theologians of various denominations who are interested in the study of mutual relationships between religion, spirituality, and psychology.

The conference will also include a General Assembly of the Polish Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality.